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COVID-19 Response

NT Build Operations

NT Build is currently operating as normal and plans to continue doing so. However as the situation is rapidly evolving this may change. In this event we will provide updates via our website.

NT Build has a business continuity plan in place to prepare, respond and recover in the event of business disruption as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic.
NT Build’s role is to provide support to our clients during this time. As such, we have taken steps to ensure the following:

Client enquiries continue to be answered. All client enquiries will be managed as usual. In the future response times may slow down due to increases in enquiries, staff leave and/or remote work arrangements. We encourage our clients with non-urgent queries to contact us by phoning the office on 1300 795 855 or via email at  This will allow our staff working from home to assist with responding to these enquiries.

Claims are paid on time. We are prioritising claims processing over other non-urgent tasks in order to ensure that eligible workers have access to their long service leave entitlements. If you’d like to submit a benefit claim, please complete a claim form and send it to

Employers receive assistance with their six monthly returns. We will continue to provide employers with all assistance necessary to lodge six monthly returns. The June to December 2019 return period will be due from 31 March 2020. If you would like to ask for any assistance with lodging this return, please contact us at


Are there any delays expected for making long service leave claim payments?
NT Build is currently experiencing an increase in general enquiries and benefit claims. We are attempting to maintain normal processing times for claim payments, however please allow 20 business days for processing, particularly if there is interstate service included. Our plan is to prioritise claims processing over other tasks, however processing times may slow down if staff become unwell or all staff are required to work from home.
NT Build will closely monitor claim payment times and advise clients if any further delays are expected.

Can I cancel or delay the payment for my long service leave already submitted? Yes. If your payment has not yet been deposited into your bank account, you can contact us at to have your payment cancelled or deferred.

How do I apply for a long service leave payment?
You can check if you have reached an entitlement by contacting NT Build by emailing or by phoning the office on 1300 795 855.
If you have reached an entitlement, you can download a claim form from our website by visiting one of the pages listed below, complete it and submit it to us via email at

Homepage:                                                                   Publications:


Can I submit a claim as a precaution and then cancel it?

We understand that circumstances are changing rapidly at this time, however to avoid the potential for overpayments or putting unnecessary pressure on our resources, we request that you wait until you have made a final decision to proceed with your claim before submitting a claim form.

Is there a hardship provision for workers to access their long service leave benefits before reaching an entitlement?

Unfortunately, no. The Act does not include a provision for payments to be made before an entitlement is reached.

Can I still come into the office for in-person assistance?

While, for the time being, we continue to provide in-person assistance to clients at our office, we encourage our clients to contact us via email at or by phoning the office on 1300 795 855

What will happen if NT Build closes?

NT Build remains open and operating as normal at the current time. If NT Build is required to close response times may slow as staff manage working from home. In-person assistance would no longer be offered at the office. Arrangements are in place for any incoming phone calls to be diverted to voicemail, with staff returning calls at a later stage. If NT Build is unable to process physical mail until the office re-opened, we would strongly encourage clients to contact us via email at as this will provide the fastest response times.

I’m a levy payer. Can I defer lodgement of my Project Notification Form?
The requirement to lodge a Project Notification Form (PNF) and pay any levy on eligible construction work remains unchanged. If you think you may be unable to lodge your PNF and pay your levy on time, please contact us at or by phoning the office on 1300 795 855 to discuss.